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Our Story


Our blended family of 11 children started taking shape in May of 2016. Our homestead we now affectionately refer to as Happy Hen Haven sprouted from a small seed Heather planted in Jeffry about wanting a Silkie chicken as a pet.

On May 5th of 2018 Heather and Jeffry traveled to Forest Lake, Minnesota to pick up the first members of our chicken family. When we headed back home, what was supposed to be a trip to purchase a pair Silkies ended up being a memorable return journey toting home 9 little cute Silkie chicks. Little did we know the impact those little balls of fluff would have on our family. We had officially caught the chicken bug!

Our hobby farm has since blossomed beyond our 11 children to include over 40 chickens and 2 goldendoodles. We specialize in raising Silkies, & producing farm fresh organic eggs for our friends and family as well as the general public.

We hope you will follow us on our life’s journey. We are all chickens trying to cross the road.

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